Interested In EB5 Visa For Permanent US Residency? What You Need To Know!

The much-talked about and highly helpful EB-5 Investor Permit Program of the US permits the overseas businessmen and entrepreneurs–who make an investment in a US firm/business enterprise–get their Green Cards, prior to becoming America’s legal permanent residents. The proud holders of the EB-5 permit may reside and work in the country–along with their spouse & unmarried kids below 21 years–on a permanent basis, even as citizenship could be pocketed post 5 years, subject to the fulfillment of certain pre-decided conditions.

It may seem that gaining permanent residency is the US, through the EB-5 Visa, is a hassle-free and simple affair, but it is not. After one’s visa petition for EB-5 receives green signal from the concerned American authorities, the aspirants require permission to reside and work in the country on a permanent basis.

In case the submission is presented from outside the nation’s shores, the approved submission will be sent across to a US consulate or consular office. And it will send across the info related to the next step of the procedure, and this is to gain what is called an immigrant permit number. As immigrant permits become available on the basis of a preference arrangement when the permit number is offered, the aspirant will receive provisional permanent residence.

Those who are  present on the American soils–at the time of the petition approval–need filing a separate visa-submission for permanent residence, even as for this they require submitting Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, for residence and work purposes in the US, on a permanent basis.

EB-5 Visa Immigrant Investment Prerequisites

The aspirants ought to make a capital investment in a for-profit American company. The needed amount for investment depends on the location, and also the kind of business activities which get the investment. The capital investment ought to be worth $1 million. The investments made in economically backward regions–known as Targeted Employment Areas (TEA)–or in rural areas, may make the grade for a decreased compulsory investment threshold of $500,000. Further, 10 permanent employment opportunities must be created in the US, for not less than 2 years.

EB-5 Permit Consultancy

Prior to filing a submission for an EB-5 Permit, it’s crucial to seek and get expert advice from the professionals, to be on the safer side, as the available program particulars (legal, financial, etc) may not disclose everything one could wish to know. There are many qualified consultants proffering quality consultancy on the subject. The visa-candidates could seek and get the same from them.

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