Interested In Rewarding Opportunities? Migrate to Australia!

When one talks about the country that attracts the maximum number of immigrants from almost every corner of the world, then the Land of Kangaroos tops the chart. Be it ample of employment opportunities or natural beauty, Oz has been a dream destination for 100s of 1000s people.

Australia’s economy is sturdy, and better employment opportunities for immigrants, constructive government policies and high standard of living are just few factors among many others that lure immigrants from different parts of the world.

If you wish to migrate to Australia, then you will be happy to know that the country is presently facing a severe shortage across many sectors that are why it has launched various immigration options for skilled workers to migrate. Oz has also made a list of the different occupations currently in demand in the country.

Following are some of the industries that offer growing opportunities mainly to the young and the talented– manufacturing, medical, construction, health and social care and retail. In the last five years doctors, engineers, dentists, and mathematician have been paid the highest.

Off Beat Occupations Currently in Demand in Oz

The nation is one of the few countries that have really good opportunities in diversified fields, such as biotechnology, microbiology, pharmacy, etc. While other countries are competing with each other, Australia has no competition when it comes to medical science.


The country is good at offering remuneration. No other country is as big as Down Under. If you do not lack the talent, there is no dearth of economic growth. Here, people believe in providing remuneration on the basis of the worker’s qualifications and skills. Against discrimination, 0% policy is practiced; the country has enough employees to share the responsibilities. Thus, immigrants need not over burden themselves with heaps of work in the country.

Working Conditions

The average working hours are 38 hours per week (Monday to Friday). The workers may work overtime which is duly paid. A full time employee may enjoy four weeks annual paid leaves and public holidays are extra. Number of public holidays may vary depending on the region you are living in. As a non Australian resident, you might have to pay higher taxes as compared to its citizens.

Language Proficiency

Down Under is an English speaking country though being an ethnically diverse country many more languages are spoken here. If you wish to migrate to Australia, then you need to be proficient in English language and to prove you must have a language score, such as the IELTS. Your language ability will be tested through reading, listening, writing and speaking. To qualify, the prospective immigrants require a score of at least five points.


Working Holiday Visa: Graduates who wish to work and enjoy at the same time may opt for it. The visa is basically a temporary visa that allows young talent, preferably 18 to 30 years of age, to stay in the country for up to one year. You may opt for General Skilled Migration (GSM) programme also. For complete information, consult an Australian Immigration agent.

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