Interested in US Immigration & Have Some Queries?

In case you happen to be a candidate or an aspirant for a US Permit and are plagued with some difficulties, then you will find the common queries and answers discussed here under highly useful. It is a fact that the aspirants may be subjected to many issues or difficulties, or they may have diverse issues necessitating answers. Given this, it is always helpful to get answers from those in the know to move ahead in a planned and methodical manner.

What if US Visitor Permit petition gets rejected?

Let’s start with the rejection part first! Has your petition for Visitor Permit been declined even as you have no idea what to do at the present? Do you have no idea about the reason behind the denial of your Visitor Visa petition?

It requires to be understood that the petition for the visa could have been rejected thanks to some factors discovered by the concerned immigration official. It could have been that some major facts/details were totally missing, or you may not have been found to be entitled for obtaining a permit.

But no need to lose heart as it is very much possible for you to submit a new application for the permit now!

Can a 20 days old newborn baby arrive in the nation?

Yes, it is rather possible! A newborn baby–which is just 20 days–can land in the US with the sole condition being that it must have a legally binding US Permit.

Is it possible for permanent residents of the US to come back to the US post extended stay?

Is it possible for these people to come back to the overseas hotspot in the wake of having extended stay outside the nation thanks to some health or other issues? But is there any need to get prior authorization for the stay extension? Yes, a prior approval for extension of one’s stay is required! According to the present laws of the nation, it is essential for a lawful US permanent resident to arrive in the US inside 64 days of the day of the most recent exit for keeping hold of the prized standing.

I am a candidate for US L2 Permit. What I need to know?

In case you happen to be an aspirant for a US L2 Permit awaiting the issue of your L2 Permit, then it is important that you know that there is no particular time period for the processing of a petition for L2 Visa. But, it requires to be understood the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)–the concerned US immigration department–leaves no stone unturned to process the petitions sooner than later.

Is there appointment process for a US Consulate General, Hyderabad (India)?

Yes, there indeed is an appointment arrangement for the Hyderabad (India) based US Consulate General and you can benefit from the same!

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