Interested in Moving to Canada? Watch out these Immigration Rip-offs!

Nowadays some over imaginative fraudsters are rather busy luring the innocent would-be migrants with bogus promises of instant visa application approval. In return for some money and your crucial details related to your credit cards, etc., they are promising a hassle-free immigration application process to your dream destination.

The applicants of Canada immigration especially are being targeted on a large scale these days by such fraudsters perhaps because the Maple Leaf Country is a very popular immigration destination, and the number of candidates, keen to move to the place, is pretty high in the world with India being no exception. It’s no secret that the Maple Leaf Country enjoys widespread popularity as it is a top global economy and a welcoming destination for both the immigrants and the refugees.

Ottawa and the Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC)—the concerned visa and immigration process managing organization follow a very simple visa application procedure, to facilitate the admission of the Canada immigration aspirants.

Still, the cases of visa candidates being duped, thanks to these scammers on the prowl, are pretty high. Despite the fact that the IRCC and Ottawa know about this and numerous effective and preventive steps are taken by them from time to time, scamming activities related to Canada immigration process continue unabated.

Top Immigration Scams You Need to Be Aware Of

Here below you will find some common Canada immigration frauds that have lately been troubling both the visa applicants and the Canada Government even as if you keep yourself informed and updated on these you would be on the safer side, and not become a victim to the mechanism of such fraudsters.

  1. Fake Phone Calls Inviting You to Move to the Maple Leaf Country

Numerous individuals have reportedly claimed that they have got bogus phone calls for successful Canada immigration. The persons at the other end assert that they are representing the IRCC before they ask to give some money and deposit the same to a particular account.

In such specific situations, please note that the IRCC and its affiliates never demand any money over the phone. Usually, the visa candidates will never receive a call from them. On some rare occasions you could receive a call but no one will ever ask you to make any sort of payment as such a call would be just a general phone call for the object of verification.

You also need to know that no payment is needed prior to giving the go-ahead for Canada immigration. Neither elementary personal particulars nor any other sort of personal particulars are confirmed over phone. More importantly, never ever share your bank account information, credit card and check book numbers with anybody over the phone.

Canada Immigration

  1. Fake E-mails That Make Canada Immigration a Hassle-free Affair

Akin to the phony phone calls, numerous people also come across bogus e-mails that claim to proffer you immediate migration, of course, in return for some money. There could be many other such tempting yet false promises. Do not be tempted by these lollipops since they are entirely roguish and if you fall a prey you will not only lose your hard-earned money but perhaps more important things as well.

But what to do when your find such e-mails in your in-box? Well, to begin with, don’t send any virtual reproductions of your identity documents; don’t share your credit card numbers, bank account information screenshots, and any other critical as well as personal specifics; and don’t shell-out any money for claim of immediate immigration authorization, as the IRCC never gives a prompt go-ahead to the visa applicants.

  1. Bogus Immigration Website That Tell You That Immigration Is Stress-free

Aspirants keen to Migrate to Canada, may look for quality details involving the Canada migration procedure. But you many sometimes find some websites that encourage scamming actions. Strictly avoid them and visit only the official web portals of Canada Immigration, or the IRCC websites. You will get every important and beneficial piece of information on these.

However, you can also trust the portals of some reputed visa consultancies, such as Abhinav, for instance!

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