Inverbrackie Plan to be discussed with the Australian government!

Illegal migration has been a major issue of debate in Australia. With so many migrants walking into the nation illegally, the nation is becoming short of detention centers with the current centers exhausting of its resources.

With new detention centers being planned, many have opposed to this idea. One such center is being built in Adelaide Hills which is being protested against. Now, the opponents are taking the fight all the way to Canberra. These include five members from the Woodside Action Group who have gone to Canberra to meet the politicians and discuss the Inverbrackie plan.

The members have planned meetings with Tony Abbott, the Leader of Opposition as well as with Chris Bowen, the Immigration Minister for Australia. They also hope to be able to meet with the Australian Prime Minister.

According to Jamie Briggs, the Federal Liberal MP for the Hills electorate, the locals need to know the answers on a number of issues. This issue is more about the community voicing out its opinion and not letting a decision being forced on them by the Australian government. Even if Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen do come down to meet them, these people can go and meet them. He also said that the local people are funding this trip from their own pockets.

As per the government, around 400 asylum seekers which constitutes mainly of the families would soon be transferred to the former army housing in the coming month.

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