Investment Programme Hungary – Finest Offer Available In Europe

Investment Programme Hungary

The ‘Heart of Europe’, Hungary is nearly free of corruption, and is recognized as one of the most developed and industrialized nations in the world. The landlocked nation invites migrants from the various parts of the world, to come to it as its Permanent Residents, using the popular investment stream run by it, called Investment Programme Hungary.

As per some of the observers on the subject, this is the best offer in Europe. Applicants who take the decision to migrate to the country as an investor have perhaps taken the right decision for their career as the nation is full of innumerable opportunities that help the applicants grow fully. That’s the reason why day-by-day the number of aspirants, who wish to invest in the country, is increasing.

Investment Programme Hungary
Investment Programme Hungary

Investment Programme Hungary– Residency Bond Investment

The Hungarian Permanent Residency (PR) is available through the Residency Bond Investment Programme. This is one of the quickest paths and allows you to live in the nation for a period of five years during the initial tenure, simply by making a one-time investment of EUR 300,000 in the government bonds, for a maturity period of five years. The capital is exclusive of the government and processing charges.

If you want, you can extend your visa by submitting a renewal application at no extra cost. If you are happy living in the country and want to make it your permanent home, then you can submit an application for the citizenship once you have spent eight years there in.

Hungary PR Benefits

Now let’s take a look at some of the benefits enjoyed by the country’s PR residents!

  1. Border free movement to the different Schengen member countries.
  2. The right to freely conduct business activities in the various EU member countries.
  3. The right to easily join the thriving EU workforce.
  4. As compared to other Western European nations, the cost of living in this landlocked Central European Nation is relatively low.
  5. One can bring along his family along that includes dependent parents/children of any age.

Is EUR 300,000 the actual cost of Investment in Residency Bond Programme?

No, it is the face value amount required to invest in the Residency Bond. Additionally, you need to spend EUR 60,000 that covers your government processing fees, liaising with lawyers, resident permit application for the entire family, and the fees of the investment agency. It does not include accommodation, travel cost, and health insurance.

What are the important steps involved?

First, make an investment with the help of a Hungary Immigration Consultant, thereafter apply for ‘D’ Visa to visit the country for the very first time, at the Hungary Embassy in your home country. Hereafter, you will be granted a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) valid for a period of for six months.

Post six month duration, the TRP Visa will be converted into a Permanent Visa, i.e., National Settlement Permit issued under economic interest with a validity period of five years.

To apply is it mandatory to have a place of abode in Hungary?

As per the changes made in July 2016, at the time of submitting the application it is not compulsory to have a place of abode in the country.

Will I 100% get a PR Visa if I make an investment in the country?

Not exactly, as you will get a PR Visa ONLY if you fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Have a valid passport and be citizen of non EU country.
  2. Be in a position to make the required investment.
  3. Pass the basic national security check.
  4. Submit all required documents.

Does the scheme enjoy widespread acceptance and popularity?

The Investment Programme Hungary is awfully well-liked. The figure of the residence permits provided has been rising rather remarkably. Till date, 4247-plus Residency Government Bonds have already been obtained. The concerned Hungarian officials reportedly expect that there will not be much of a difference in the development, and the situation will remain same in the coming months/years.

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