Investment Programme Yukon–What Are The Top Requirements?

Investment Programme Yukon

Yukon serves as a home to nearly 30,000 people residing in the capital city, Whitehorse. Mining and tourism are the two strong pillars on which the economy of the territory resides. This Canadian territory is an ideal destination for those who prefer outdoor activities even as they are keen to be an important part of strong communities.

Investment Programme Yukon is a highly preferred Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) investment programme. With investments in full swing in the territory it lays a red carpet for the newcomers who wish to add on to the territory’s economy by simply investing funds in a firm or venture there in.

Investment Programme Yukon
Investment Programme Yukon

While targeting prestigious Yukon PR out of the many gateways, an investment programme is the most feasible option available to the businessman and individuals who plan to give up a kick-start to their venture.

Investment Programme Yukon Key Requirements

There are certain requirements that an applicant needs to meet.

  1. Any candidate who is involved in an ongoing business in high ranking management during the last 5 years qualifies for this visa category.
  2. He needs to submit bio-data, bank statements of the past 6 months, ensuring that he is able to sustain his living in the territory, valid proofs of work experience, letter of reference or relevant knowledge of possessing sufficient skills to run a business.
  3. He should possess capital more than 5, 00,000 Canadian dollars along with liquid assets of 300,000 Canadian dollars.
  4. Visiting Yukon once is a mandatory condition for applying under this category.
  5. He needs to prove that he possesses sufficient communication skills that help him in the living and establishing his work in the region. English and French are the two languages that help him in managing hassle-free communication.
  6. He must be involved in regular supervision and running of the firm.
  7. He needs to make an investment of not less than 150,000 Canadian dollars.
  8. He should attain minimum 65 point score in a Nominee Assessment Grid with a mandatory score of 10 points for language skills.
  9. Be in a position to submit necessary documents as a proof that the invested money is earned through a lawful method.
  10. He should furnish the details of business plans clearly stating how he will create jobs for the residents along with the investments made by him.
  11. Paying regular visits to the firm stands mandatory for qualifying under this Yukon Investment Programme.

Apart from these requirements there are certain added restrictions that apply for one year on the nominee. It is expected that the investor will meet the YBNP agent. In case he is unable to meet him at first instance, then he needs to visit YBNP bureau at least once. All the necessary documents need to be submitted at the office along with business actions and plans that are needed across the year.

Meeting on a 3-monthly basis or inviting YBNP worker on the site is another mandatory condition that a person is expected to follow. While these are some of the requirements for the first year, there are different requirements in the second year.

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