Investor Visa USA Still Best Bet Criticisms Notwithstanding

There is a wonderful scope for making profitable investments under the well-known Programme for Investor Visa in USA. It is called “E-B -5 Visa Investor”.    Under this specific visa category, those who invest in government approved projects in the nation can get the prized Permanent Residence (PR) and other benefits there in. It is the best means of making the USA an abode permanently, and shining on the global map, via the investment route.

Investor Visa USA
Investor Visa USA

Investor Visa in USA allows multiple facilities to the visa. Let’s check what you get!

  1. You have access to the USA Education System.
  2. You can get the right to become a resident of the country.
  3. You enjoy the right to work and study in the nation.
  4. You can get back the investment at the completion of the project coupled with the residency for the investor, children and spouse.

Immigrant Investor Programme

Under it, the investment of at least 1 million Dollars or at the reduced concession of 500,000 Dollars is needed to get the visa if it is in – Targeted Employment Area (TEA). The investment there is to ensure that the investor creates 10 full-time US jobs for at least 2 years.  Among the EB-5 projects, most projects relate to the real estate.

Proof of all the funds will be given that their acquisition is legal and also about the investor that s/he has no criminal record. However, the investment will be at risk and its return has no guarantee. To the entire family, which includes spouse and children (unmarried) below the 21 years, residence will be provided alongside Green Card.

It will ensure the eligibility to live and work anywhere within the country.  Having lived for a period of 5 years in the country will get you the nation’s citizenship, but the main applicant must reside in the nation for 6 years.

How does the future look like?   

While EB-5 Investor Visa in USA is currently being criticized from different quarters for allegedly ridden with fraud and corruption, how does its future looks like?  The news being broadcast via some news media sources about the programme is that more than 100 complaints and referrals of possible securities fraud are connected with the programme.

Similarly, about 59 open investigations by different agencies are being conducted in the alleged EB-5 scams.  The programme is doubtlessly a potential future for the investors, but if it ensures the security of the investment made and side by side with what is promised to give to the investors.

If the different agencies involved in the investigations give a green signal, and if, of course, the investors turn up in bulk, the future will be bright. Let’s look forward to a positive future!

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