Iraqi Asylum Seeker Commits Suicide in Australia!

A man from Iraq committed suicide after facing rejection for his asylum claim for the second time. The death occurred in the detention centre and is the second of its kind in as many months; the same has been confirmed by the refugee advocates.

It has been confirmed by the government of Australia that the asylum seeker was an inmate at Sydney’s Villawood detention centre. His clan is yet to be informed about his death and further investigations would be performed to know other facets linked with his death.

Officials from Human Rights are confirmed of the fact that the concerned man hanged himself in the washroom of the detention centre. The man from Iraq was in his mid 40s and was amongst those boat people who landed in Australia a year ago. His family includes his spouse and four kids.

He faced rejection for his claim for asylum for the second time and his case was beyond hope, confirmed Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition.

Also it has been reported that his death is followed by angry remarks by the refugees and other people who were in support of his case. Hence, a big crowd of supporters were seen accumulating around the detention centre, marking their protest against the death.

Rintoul said that more suicide are expected on the cards, following government decision to make it essential for the boat people to go through detention, including the asylum seekers who are residing at the Christmas Island detention centre.

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