Italy – The “Most Welcoming Country in Europe”

Italy was recently acknowledged as “the most welcoming country” in the entire Europe. Contrary to Australia, that has left no scope in getting the tag of a racist country; Italy, on the other hand, claims that THERE IS NO RACISM in the country what so ever.


Andrea Ronchi, the European Affairs Minister, confirmed that Italy shows no signs of racism, and only those people who do not know Italy can make allegations for the same! He further blamed the rest of the Europe that left Italy to face the problems of immigration of its own.

He stated that Italy would provide a free tour to all those people who have accused the country and show them as to what Italy is all about! It offers solidarity and a welcoming attitude to everyone who enters its premises. At the same time, it is also true that “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” too exists as a violent phenomenon.

He further called all those who accuse Italy as a racist country as being STUPID! He applauded Italy as the most welcoming country, days after residents attacked African farm workers who were found complaining and agitating against their conditions. Reports say that various residents and immigrants were left injured in the Italian town of Rosarno.

Several incidents have been witnessed where immigrants were bashed seriously and left wounded. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, stated that these incidents are a result of “too much tolerance towards clandestine immigration“.

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