Jamaican Illegal Immigrant Jailed for 1 Year!

There are several cases of illegal immigrants misusing the nation’s immigration system every day. The case of lady who is basically from Jamaica is the latest one. Reportedly, the Jamaican-origin mother of two has allegedly earned some good sum of money from securing jobs in the United Kingdom. Her fault is that she earned and secured more than one job by using fabricated credentials.

The immigrant lady is in the United Kingdom unlawfully and she was not eligible to reside and work in the nation. But, with the help of fake documents, she secured 3 jobs at a time with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. Bobbet Marshall possessed false documents like national insurance card, home Office document and a provisional driving license. She used these documents to secure that job of a healthcare assistance and that of a housekeeper with the nation’s health service.

The lady has so far earned 89,000 Euro being an illegal immigrant in the UK in a time-span of about 6 years. Initially, a temporary 6-month visa helped her to enter the United Kingdom in the year 2001. But, ever since she never got the visa extended. However, reports say that she applied thrice before and this year as well to seek the right to remain in the nation, but each time her appeal had been turned down.

Bristol Crown Court has announced jail sentence of one year to Bobbet Marshall. This is very disappointing for the nation that someone from outside EU is living in the UK illegally. To top it all, she had been earned on fake documents- which is just not a matter to be ignored!

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