Japan to Increase Foreign Skilled Migrant Intake!

The Japanese government has been urged by a local think-tank to make its immigration policies more flexible for the nation to benefit from the economic growth in Asia. This would also help in handling the constant reduction in population.

An advertisement in print was brought out by the Japan Forum on International Relations which urged the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to attract more skilled migrants. At the same time, it also catered to rule flexibility specifically for the nursing staff belonging to Indonesia and Philippines.

According to the above group, in order to survive and grow in a globalised world economy along with advancing its integration with the East Asian economy, the nation has no other option but to invite foreigners.

The proposal to bring in foreign migrants clearly projects the increasing debate in Japan to permit or not an increased number of migrants. As of now, the nation has a population of 127 million which is anticipated to go down by 3 percent in the next ten years. The main reason for this is the ageing society and low birth rate. The policy recommendations made by the group have been signed by 87 people who include former diplomats, academicians and journalists.

As per the website of the Justice Ministry of Japan, in 2009, the total population of Japan catered to 1.7 percent of foreign nationals. When compared to other nations, this number very less. In 2008, Australia catered to 25.4 percent and 13.7 percent in the United States. These figures are based on the statistics brought out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

As of now, the Prime Minister’s cabinet to deciding on doubling the numbers of foreign skilled migrants by 2020. This is as per the new strategy for economic growth which was announced in June.

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