Jason Kenney Proposes Amendments in Live-in Caregiver Program!

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently indicated certain proposed regulations to save the rights of live-in-caregivers and make the process of immigration easier for them.

Kenney elaborated in the favor of ‘Juana Tejada Law’ and stated that the first proposed change would remove the requirement for live-in-caregivers to go through medical examination for the second time if they are planning to apply for a PR in Canada.

Another proposed change point out in the direction that live-in caregivers would be given permission to apply for a PR, provided they work overtime. Now the new measures would permit the live-in caregivers a right to apply for a PR after 3,900 work hours. Also, some part of their overtime would be added to the mandatory work requirements, to make the caregivers eligible for applying for a PR status.

Kenney said that the changes would serve in the benefit of those people who care for the young, disabled and elderly people in Canada. Certain administrative changes would require the employers of the live-in-caregivers to pay for the following facets:

  • Their travel expenses to come to Canada
  • Workplace safety insurance
  • Recruiting fee owed to third party (if any)
  • Medical insurance till the time live-in-caregivers find measures for their own health coverage.

It is mandatory that the employment contract should be attired with all the clauses in a clear manner. To know more, consult an Immigration and Visa expert today.

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