Keen In Canada Immigration? Look Forward To Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme!

Are you one of those who is fascinated by the lavish lifestyle that most of the Canadians are leading? Do you want to replicate that amazing and inspiring lifestyle? Do you want to get the best from your skills and qualifications? Does your present job doesn’t justify the remuneration and you feel let down?

Well, these are few questions that might dominate the head at this juncture if you are going through this phase. But wait for a while folks! You have got an excellent option that can help change the scenario to betterment! Yes, it is true!

In 2014, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the body governing the immigration, launched an unprecedented immigration programme named as “Expression of Interest” or also known as “Express Entry”. Under the “Express Entry” programme, some unprecedented feats were achieved with some 41,218 applicants that have moved so far and some 41,218 still in the pool for getting their application accepted.

But the fact is that the scheme is not a child’s play and it considers some hardcore skills for streamlining the movement. In the first place, you will have to go through a great deal of assessment evaluations, like Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) IELTS and many assessment tests. These parameters technically make Express Entry program a hard ballgame. At the same time, the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) also changes and gets upgraded with time.

So, most of the times, the bottom-line is that many of the immigrants are finding it a tough to use the Express Entry program.

Now, if you are a would-be immigrant, you would always seek for some alternate gateway. You would always look for some smart ways that can help you get started. The PNP programme is the gateway that can help those immigrants that have not made an impact through the Express Entry programme to get recognized.

As an applicant or aspiring immigrant seeking for immigration to Canada, you would like to know about the PNP. So, let’s first explain you what it is?

Provincial Nominee Programme

It is basically a programme that every province in the nation duly follows independent of the Express Entry under the IRCC to facilitate the movement. Under the PNP, every province in the nation can introduce their respective immigration program, set their own requirements and choose the right immigrants for the job.

It is not mandatory for the provinces to follow the NOL for sponsoring or inviting the right immigrants. They have the freedom to release their own Provincial Occupation List and choose the right candidates either through the Express Entry pool or by their own arrangements. This is how the PNP programme works for each and every province in Canada.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme

In this piece, we will focus on Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme. Now, as an immigrant, you would think that why go for Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is famous for its diverse economy and it has some major service, manufacturing and mining industry. At the same time, the rich fish resources provide an added leverage to the immigrants to go for fisheries business. The standard of living is also pretty considerable with every household earning median earning stands at $67,190. These are some of the facts that would keep folks attracted towards Nova Scotia for movement.

How the Provincial Nominee Programme can Help You Move to Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia uses the federal government Express Entry programme to attract the immigrants to move to the Maple Leaf Country. While getting the immigration streamlined, the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) is also used as a benefit that the immigrants get once moving to this province.

Under the dearth of highly skilled worker, the PNP programme can be used to provide valid job offer to any of the employee that they have found suitable enough to satisfy the need in the respective segment. Even there is provision for business investment and you can look forward to that for getting the PNP program for Nova Scotia.

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