Keep Track of Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List with Professional Visa Agents

Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List

In Australia you are entitled to loads of benefits upon getting the much sought after citizenship of this wonderful destination. With the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List, you can easily get to know about the path based on which the immigration to this country can take place.

It is always promising to bank on the professional and experienced immigration agents who are trained in all the segments of the visa & immigration process. With their skilled support and assistance, you will not only know about the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List, but also have complete & in-depth information about the job trends and the most demanded industries in the country.

Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List
Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List

Immigration agents like Abhinav can be banked upon for the object. They are the proven veterans in the field and have many years of relevant experience helping and guiding the candidates. With a pan India presence, and the guidance of the industry veteran Mr. Ajay Sharma, Abhinav has guided and aided a large number of visa candidates move to Oz and several other top immigration destinations including Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, the US, etc.

Coming back to the main subject, in this article, you will come to know about new entrants in the skilled job category, and if you are applying under these visas, it will increase the possibility of immigration by manifolds.

Interpreted as a groundbreaking or unprecedented decision by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the Australian immigration will be redefined with tech visas. Under this visa category, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) jobs would be covered under temporary and permanent visa.  As the government has been adamant on scrapping the 457 Subclass Visa, the demand for the tech segment is on the rise.

For the aspiring immigrants applying for the ICT Visa, it is mandatory for them to have two years of experience in this field as project managers, sales representative, support engineer, system engineer, software tester and web developers. If you are belonging from any of these specific categories, it will be simpler and promising to move under the visa.

At the same time, there are few occupations which would be eligible for mid-term of long term visa, like, for example, computer network engineer, system engineer, developer and programmers.

At the same time, in the real-estate segment as well specific skills are in demand. To cope with the burgeoning deficit in the sectors, the demand for CEO, CIO, Managing Directors and corporate general manager is on the rise. You can easily try out your hand in all the segments, but only with an expert assistance from immigration agents.

As the paperwork and formalities have been tough, owing to recklessness in the immigration in the past, it is advisable for the aspirants planning to move to Down Under to go for the skilled agents who are trained with precision and experience. If the immigration agents are getting every experience based on which you can easily move to the Kangaroo Land, it will shorten your waiting time by half.

At the time of picking the visa agents, you must always look for their experience and skill in the category of the job that they do. It will help you figure out the Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List and pick the best visas that will help you move.

While we are at the subject, let’s check this news report!

Movement to Oz Presently at Double the Long-term Average

As per a report, Migration to Australia at present stands at double the long-term average, down from triple through the latter years of the mining revolution. Majority of the influx arrives from the permanent migration scheme of the administration, presently pegged at 190,000 people per annum and largely comprising trained migrants.

Since the natural growth rate from births is not too high, it’s immigration that takes the nation’s population increase to 1.5%, greater than the worldwide average. During the year gone by, the natural swell was 155,500 even as migration led to 193,200.

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