Kerala- The Potential Destination for Medical Tourism!

Kerala can earn a lot in the name of medical tourism. The Indian state boasts great resource through which the state can enrich its tourism industry. Kerala can earn big foreign exchange, if it promotes its quality health care sector, given the state is known for providing excellent health care facilities.

If the health care sector in the state is promoted in an intention to attract more and more people, including overseas patients, it will definitely make big money. Medical tourism is the kind of tourism where people visit across the borders for obtaining medical and relaxation needs. It is a multimillion-dollar industry in the world. In India also it is the fastest growing industry in the recent times. Even though it is growing, proper promotion of the sector is needed on the international level.

Kerala offers some of the world-class medical facilities, including Ayurvedic treatments. Another factor that will attract visitors from all over the world is the cost involved in the medical care. The medical cost in Kerala is less as compared to many other countries. Take the example of Canada, where people have to wait for long time in order to get treatments. Along, the country lacks inadequacy of trained medical professionals. As a result, today many Canadians rely on the foreign nations to get their medical treatments.

Kerala has the potential to attract foreigners to obtain its one-of-its-kind medical facilities.

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