All You Wish to Know About Latvia Immigration

Latvia is a Baltic country in the northern Europe, and is also a Schengen member country which joined the European Union (EU) in 2004. Its currency is Euro. The country also attracts large number of tourists from around the world. Latvia Immigration is simple and well developed. If you want to migrate to Europe, Latvia is a really pretty good option.

It’s is a small peaceful state with beautiful landscapes. It’s strategically located between Lithuania and Estonia. Though the official language is Latvian, a majority of population speaks Russian and English as well. It regained independence from Soviet Union in year 1991. As mentioned before, the country is a member of the Schengen providing multiple benefits to its citizens. The strikingly beautiful nation has a high GDP even as it entered Euro Zone in January 2104.

Latvia Immigration rate is annually high. The Immigration Law provides several options for desired applicant willing to migrate. For education, foreign student’s interest is continuously increasing in the overseas destination. Along with better education, these students may also discover new avenues for living, travelling and working in Europe. Riga is the capital city of the nation.

For immigration to Latvia, an immigrant needs to fulfill all the given requirements set by the concerned immigration body. Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may need a work permit, resident permit, or education permit. Several other good options are also to be had.

After getting a permit, you can spend 90 days in every six months anywhere in the EU. The simple immigration process offered by the Baltic nation provides you the quickest and the cheapest route toward the EU residency and later the prized EU citizenship. Remarkably, the country does not allow dual citizenships.

Residence Permit

A residence permit is a physical residence card, which provides a foreigner with the right to reside in the country or a definite or indefinite period depending upon the type of permit issued. Residence permit attracts 1000s of immigrants. The Baltic state offers three popular ways to obtain a residence permit for five years with a possibility of extension.

A Residence permit provides following privileges for immigrant:

  • You may also invite your relatives
  • Your immediate family members also get residence visa
  • Opportunity to get a discounted or free education within the EU
  • You may invest in property or start your own business and later extend your business to the European market
  • Cost of living is low, as compared to other European Countries
  • You can avail social privileges, such as maternity benefit, discount on children’s education, medical treatment, etc.
  • You can freely enter Schengen countries without any visas or any other formal registration.

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