Know About Latvia Temporary Residence Permit Rules, Policy and Laws to Investors

Latvia is a Baltic state which was under the erstwhile USSR’s occupation up until 1991. It is an economically liberal country which has since its independence from communist rule has undertaken complete privatization of most of its business corporations. This privatization of economy has brought in significant progress in all the trade sectors and has opened up space for foreign investment and ownership. With this flourish in trade and economy come many opportunities for foreign investors and servicemen who look for building a career in a fast developing economy. Since 2000, Latvia’s has been the fastest growing economy of European Union which quickly recovered from the 2008 economic meltdown. Latvia being in a very commercially viable geographical location boasts of being an important sea port, and also a major commercial, cultural and industrial centre. It also has the region’s largest international airport. The majorly spoken language of this country is Latvian and most widely practiced religion here is Christianity. The winters in this country can be extremely harsh, especially in the month of January, a fact which must be kept in mind by the visitor.

In order for one to migrate to Latvia and reside there, the country provides a Latvia Temporary Residence Permit which offers the applicant a chance to live in the country but only for a fixed duration of time. With this permit, the permit holder can enjoy unrestricted stay in Latvia for the given duration of time. It also helps in making ‘free-border movements’ for purpose of business transactions between EU and non-EU nations without the need to obtain a visa, making business easy and hassle free for potential investors. The duration of stay acquired through the permit is generally long so that the visitor can fulfil the purpose of visit in the given time. The application process for the Latvia temporary Residence Permit is smooth and does not consume a lot of time, with the application being processed in thirty days or even less. The residence permit is very beneficial as it enables the interested party to carry on business with any Schengen zone countries and European Union countries without a visa for the given amount of time period.

In order to know about Latvia Temporary Residence Permit rules, interested party can consult the expert services of Abhinav Outsourcings wherein they can get complete information about the proceedings, rules, regulations and documentation procedure required for visiting Latvia. The applicant can begin by downloading the brochure for Latvian immigration which is available on the Abhinav website and can also solve their initial queries by taking online help and advice from the website itself. For more information on the country and how to go about the procedure of application, the candidate can depend freely on efficient and experienced services of Abhinav’s authorised visa advisors. The consulting can take up all the documentation and assistance through the beginning till the end for the immigration and visa process and ensure safe and thoroughly checked documentation and visa assistance for the applicant for Latvia. On can also get information on other geographical, cultural and societal aspects of Latvia through the Consulting Company regardless of where the applicant’s location is. Abhinav can make Latvia experience hassle free and smooth for the applicant by smoothening out all the details and paperwork regarding rules and applications for them.

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