What You Need to Know About New German Blue Card Rules

What You Need to Know About New German Blue Card Rules

For those looking to work and live in Germany, especially skilled workers or recent graduates, the German Blue Card is the best pathway. It has introduced new changes to the German Blue Card which cover salary thresholds, shortage occupations, considerations for IT professionals, skilled workers, recent graduates, and alterations to employment conditions.

  1. New Blue Card Salary Thresholds

The salary thresholds for both categories have been adjusted:

  • Regular Blue Card: 43,800 EUR
  • Blue Card for Shortage Occupations: 39,683 EUR
  • Blue Card for IT professionals without a degree: 39,683 EUR
  • Blue Card for recent university graduates: 39,683 EUR
  1. New Blue Card Shortage Occupations

New shortage occupations, effective November 18, 2023, include:

  • Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, and Distribution Managers
  • Nursing and Midwifery Professionals
  • Professional Services Managers
  • Other Health Professionals
  • Teaching Professionals
  • Veterinarians
  1. New Blue Card for IT Professionals

As of November 18, 2023, IT specialists with substantial work experience but lacking an academic IT degree may qualify if they meet specific requirements:

  • Match the lower salary threshold for shortage occupations
  • Prove at least three years of suitable IT employment history within the past seven years, aligning with positions typically requiring an academic IT degree.
  1. New Skilled Workers (Fachkräfte)
  • The German Blue Card rules also relax the correlation between one’s training/studies and the qualified job.
  • Skilled workers with a local contract, a German, recognized, or comparable academic degree or recognized foreign vocational training of at least two years can obtain an immigration permit for any qualified employment.
  1. New Blue Card for Recent Graduates
  • Individuals who received a university degree within the past three years can apply for a Blue Card based on the reduced salary threshold.
  • This modification streamlines the process for recent graduates, provided their degree is from a German university or recognized as comparable.
  1. New Blue Card EU: Changes of Employment Conditions
  • EU Blue Card holders are allowed to change employers or job roles at any time
  • Applicants must notify the immigration authority of changes and provide personal details, Blue Card information, new employer details, and new employment specifics.

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