Know About Transportation in Canada!

Now that you have landed in Canada, getting around in Canada and the knowledge on the usage of transportation is a must for you. Here are some points to know:

  • A lot of Canadians make use of their own transport but the public urban transport system in the country is just amazing. Some of the mediums include buses, trains and subways. In some systems, cash is required while some ask you to buy a ticket from the counter. After settling down in the nation and knowing your routes, you can buy a monthly pass to make your stay easier. (Usage of maps would be beneficiary here)
  • Driver’s License: to drive your own vehicle, you need a driver’s license issued by province or territory where you reside. Your foreign driver’s license will hold its validity for a certain period of time but you need to have a Canadian driver’s license as soon as possible. Knowing the driving instructions and rules decked with it is mandatory. While driving, ensure that you keep papers like your car registration and vehicle permit handy with you.
  • It is a law to wear seat belts. Kids who are too small to wear seat belts have the option of being seated in special car seats which are made for them. For children above the age group of 18, booster seats are required. Call 911 in case of an accident.
  • Before leaving Canada, be it for any purpose like travel, vacation or business, you need to call CIC Call Centre and know what all is expected from you. Here is the number 1 888 242 2100

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