All You Need to Know About American Tourist Visas

American Tourist Visas

American Tourist Visas are required by the foreign citizens to enter the US for tourism, leisure, visiting family or getting medical treatments. A visa consultant can guide you with their knowledge and experience hereby making the application process easier and smoother.

American Tourist Visas are also known as the Visitor Visas or a B-2 Visas in the US. These are basically non-immigrant visas designed to facilitate the entry of the foreign citizens in the overseas hotspot for purposes such as leisure or tourism, visiting family or friends, medical treatment, attending any function, event or ceremonies, etc.

American Tourist Visas
American Tourist Visas

Some other categories that can come under American Tourist Visas include:

  1. Athletes or entertainers of any non-professional group or a troupe travelling to the popular destination to perform at a charity event, function, or to participate in a contest, but not receiving any remuneration for such activities.
  2. Individuals visiting the hotspot to partake in a course of study for less than 18 hours per week.

The duration of Tourist Visas can range between one and ten years. These visas are also known as the Multiple Entry Visas as during their validity the visitors are allowed to travel to and fro multiple numbers of times, without contacting the US consulates. However, the period of stay is decided by the immigration authorities at the port of entry.

As per the current law, the duration of a stay, during a single visit, cannot exceed 6 months, although in certain specific cases, the visitors can duly justify the reasons for an extension and get an additional 6 months. But then, in this case, the overall stay in a single trip cannot exceed one year from the date of arrival.

American Tourist Visas Eligibility Requirements

  1. Evidence of intent of travelling, supporting that the intent of travel is purely for temporary basis for objectives, such as leisure, visiting family/friends, or medical treatments, and in no way would the applicant involve themselves in any paid employment or studies
  2. Evidence that the applicant has good financial resources to finance his stay in the US.
  3. Medical records and other supporting documents to act as an evidence proving that the applicant can bear his/her medical bills during the treatment

Certain categories get an added advantage if they are:

  1. Above the age of 60 years
  2. Own property in their country of origin
  3. Have travelled to other foreign destinations

Hiring an expert visa consultant can help and guide you understand the intricacies of the visa application process. A professional can save you the headache of filling out the forms, preparing the necessary documents, and arranging the appointments and interviews.

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