Wish to know how to get Canada Immigration from India?

Canada ranking at number one position pulls aspiring migrants from all over the world. India being highly rich in talent, its skilled individuals have a great deal of scope therein. But the question how to get Canada immigration from India still puzzles many.

To help attain the would-be migrants a valid visa, the High Commission of Canada has tied up with the VFS Global Services for rendering all the relevant and necessary information which make entry to the immigration hotspot pretty easy, simple, and approachable.

Online application can be downloaded from the VFS Global site even as the applicant has to create an id which will help in downloading the form from the relevant site. Then, the applicant has to fill all the points covered in the form.

These forms being simple and easily understood should be filled with utmost care. Any wrong information may lead to its rejection, and the applicant is liable to lose the visa fees which are paid after successful completion of the visa form. And, in case the applicant is facing any difficulties in the form, then he can take the necessary help from those in the know.

On the completion of the form, the emigrant has to choose the appointment day and date, and then he has to personally deposit the print-out of the filled application at the appropriate place wherein the applicant will be cross-checked for the information which he has submitted in his form. And he is liable to submit his biometric information. This sort of concludes the aspirant’s work which is required for immigration to Canada from India.

After all this formalities the visa application form is forwarded to the Canada High Commission at New Delhi Chanakya Puri at the embassy of Canada. It now depends on the wish of high commission whether to grant visa or not. They might call the applicant for an interview. All these might take two weeks time.

A visa can be applied for general or family visit, for study purpose or for working temporarily. The different visas hold different validities. General visa is issued for a period of 6 months with the facility of multiple visits. Whereas the duration of study and work permit may depends on the time period needed for work or particular study.

An applicant providing false or incomplete information may be liable to loose his entry in this world class country. He is expected to satisfy the queries relating to the cause of the visit to the concerned visa and immigration authorities regarding his duration, and also purpose of stay. He is also expected to leave the country at the completion of the purpose for which the visa was applied for.

By following step-to-step guidance available on the net can lay down the path of entry to the Maple Leaf Country and clarify all the doubts which may be hindering the aspiring migrants to cross the borders of India and gain admission into Canada.

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