Know More about Conditional Green Card

What is Conditional Green Card?
If you have been married for less than twenty four months, your non-citizen spouse would get a green card that will only be valid for two years. It is called Temporary Green Card or Conditional Green Card. Once the two year period is over, the PR status would automatically expire and the PR status would get terminated. In order to avoid this, it is mandatory to file form I-751 (if PR is obtained through marriage) or form I-829 (if the applicant has received the conditional green card through investment) with USCIS. It is essential to file the petition within 90 days before the expiry of the card.
Remove Conditions on a Green Card (obtained through Marriage)

  • It is essential to attend an Immigration interview in order to apply for the removal of the conditions on Green Card.
  • The applicant and spouse must prove that their marriage was entered in good faith.
  • You must make them believe that your marriage was not entered for any immigration or financial benefit.

Remove Conditions on a Green Card (obtained through Investment)

  • Prove that the business and investment made by the applicant is viable.
  • Be prepared with all the documents lime tax reports, bank statements, etc.

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