Gain Knowledge of Benefits of Australia Permanent Residency

Australia–at the risk of sounding rather repetitive–is one of the developed countries in the world. Under various categories, you can apply to migrate to the ‘Country of Beaches’. Once you have migrated, and spent a considerable good time period therein, you can easily file a petition for the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status.

Since Oz aims to aggressively attract people with high professional skills from across the globe, if you are able to contribute to the growing requirement of manpower therein, then the ‘Country of Kangaroos’ wants you, even as you are ‘officially’ welcome therein.

Significantly, in the hope of a bright and rosy future for their family members, immigrants leave no stones unturned to convert their Work Permits into Permanent Residence (PR) Visas. However, to get the said permits, you have to meet certain given requirements, and once you have fulfilled the desired conditions, you are permanently welcomed into the beautiful country.

Permanent Resident for Oz is the official term given to a non-citizen of the nation who is a permanent visa holder. Once you have obtained permanent residency status, you become a permanent citizen, and are entitled to all rights as per the citizens with slight differences, of course.

When can you apply for permanent residency?

You can apply for permanent residency, once you have lived and worked continuously for two years or more in a specified area, including being self employed, for one year, in Oz.  You are also qualified to get the prized status, if you or have gained sponsorship under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Advantages of Australia Permanent Residency

The status gives you a number of benefits. No wonder, people are always ready to get hold of a PR Visa. The PR of Oz makes your family’s future bright as you are entitled to several benefits. To begin with, the widely preferred immigration hotspot boasts of world-class education, amazingly high health system, great political stability, multiple climatic zones even while it is also one of the most attractive destinations for immigrants. To make travel easy between two distance cities, the country has efficient and well-organized public transport system. Immigrants can freely travel as per their convenience to any part of the country, from practically anywhere inside it.

If you are granted the status, you have the right to work study and live in the nation for an indefinite period. Permanent Residence Visa allows you unlimited travel to and from the country, for a time period of five years. However, after the given time-period, if travelling overseas, to return as permanent citizen, you have to obtain a Resident Return Visa.

Skilled permanent residence holders are also entitled to work for any Australian employer, in any profession. However, you are restricted to join employment in the Australian Public Service or Defense forces although you are free to join trade unions and claim workers compensation.

Health benefits: You are also allowed to receive immediate public healthcare, through a government scheme, called Medicare.

Aged pension: You can also claim this. But, to be eligible for the same, it is vital that you live in the country for at least 10 years as a permanent citizen

Schooling: Children between the age group of 6 to 18 years are permitted to pursue studies in public schools funded by the national government.

However, as hinted elsewhere, there are certain restrictions and limitations. For instance, you are neither entitled to vote in the State or local government elections, nor are eligible to stand for election as a candidate in these elections.

Now since you know about benefits of Australia Permanent Residency, what are you really cooling your heels for? Take your life to the next level of bright future, and larger than life comfort TODAY! Oz and its PR Visa await you.

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