Lady Gaga Speaks Against the Arizona Law during Her Concert!

Famous personalities from all over the world have always used their celebrity status to create awareness amongst people about some or the other sensitive issue .Recently, a renowned Hollywood personality Lady Gaga in her musical concert urged her fans to protest against the Arizona law for the welfare of many immigrants residing in the United States. Lady Gaga is quite famous for raising sensitive issues such as gay rights for the awareness of the people.

Like her, there are many celebrities such as Cypress Hill and Shakira who have protested against the controversial Arizona law. They believe that this new law will encourage racial discrimination amongst the citizens of the United States. To tell the world around her that she is against this law, Lady Gaga wrote “STOP SB 1070” on her left arm. Unlike other musicians who boycotted their concerts to show their anger for the new law, she went ahead with the show and used it to speak to her audience directly and urged them to boycott the Arizona Law.

She refused to wait for the courts and government to act and decided to do something from her side on her own for her country people. She was really touched by the real life incident of a boy she met who told her that how his house has been raided and his brother has been deported from the nation and is now living in Mexico. She even dedicated a song ‘You and I’ to that young boy she met. Not resting even for a moment, she is going all out to lend her support in boycotting the Arizona law and even addressed her fans on Twitter and encouraged them to continue with their battle against this new law. It seems that this new immigration law has surely taken away the sleep of many people of the United States including the famous celebrities as well.

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