Language Instructions for New Comers in Canada!

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Newcomers coming to Canada are advised to have proficiency in either or both these languages to have a smooth stay in the country.

All the Canadians speak at least one of the two languages and others speak both! French is the official language of Quebec, hence is one of the mandates to gain entry in this province. Coming back to language instructions in the rest of Canada, Anglophone and Francophone communities are present almost everywhere in the country.

Adaptation of life here becomes easier if the new comers are already decked with proficiency in either of the two languages. This will help in future endeavors like gelling up with neighbors, commuting well in the country, being able to answer questions during interview sessions and having a healthy social life. This will help you to teach your school in a better manner while they are all busy studying curriculums which are in either French or English language or both. It is better advised to go for a language learning course before landing in Canada.

Adult permanent residents are provided with free language training by the Government of Canada in collaboration with other organizations. Your current language skills are assessed to know what kind of training program would suit you best.

Languages classes can be taken by anyone (not just people who are employed in the country).

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