Latest Amendments to Canada Immigration: A Brief Review

During the past couple of months there have been many regulatory changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) even while several improvements have already become effective this year. Here under is given a brief summary of how many well-liked immigration schemes have been duly impacted, thanks to the changes.

Parent and Grandparent Program

Post a gap of two years, on January 2, this year, the doors of the famous Parent and Grandparent Scheme were thrown wide open again. Improvements to the plan cover a yearly upper limit of 5,000 submissions which will be regarded every year. On February 3, 2014, the concerned minister stated that the cap for Parent and Grandparent Program for 2014 has been reached even as the scheme will become available to fresh petitions only the next year, in January. The Super Visa is an obtainable option.

Temporary Resident Visa Program

Modifications to the Temporary Resident Visa Program come into force from February 6, 2014. The petitions of the travelers–who need a permit to gain admission into the Maple Leaf Country–will presently, by design, be weighed-in for a multiple-entry permit. The permit enables an impermanent inhabitant to stay and re-enter Canada for a period of six months at a time, over a time-frame of a maximum of a decade. The amendments cover any fresh provisional resident permit submission comprising visitor’s permits, study visas, & work visas.

Study Permits

On February 12, 2014, fresh improvements were stated to Study Permits for International Students. Beginning June 1, 2014 travelers to the overseas destination will be in a position to file a petition for a study visa from inside the nation’s boundaries. Study visas will just be issued to global students registered at chosen educational establishments.

There will be a grace time-frame of a maximum of three years for global students registered at the non-designated establishments to conclude their schemes. There is also to be more access to temporary work visas for students pursuing studies in the Maple Leaf Country. Post the conclusion of his studies, a global student will be in a position to stay in Canada for just three months, unless he has submitted a submission for a separate work visa or provisional resident permit.

Canadian Experience Class

Changes to the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) now involve an annual cap of 12,000 applications to be considered from November 9, 2013 to October 31, 2014. Occupation types will also be subject to sub-limits restricting certain skilled occupations to only 200 applications per year. There are six occupation types that are no longer qualified to file a petition to the CEC under the modifications.

Federal Skilled Worker Program & Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme

Amendments to the Federal Skilled Worker Program influence petitions presented anytime from May 4, 2013 to April 30, this year. With a view to make the cut, it is essential that an aspirant fulfils the bare minimum language, education, & fiscal conditions.

There is an upper limit of 5,000 submissions per annum. A maximum of 1,000 petitions will be duly considered in the PhD class. For the additional 24 profession kinds, at the present, there is a sub-limit of 300 petitions each. Several of these of classes have already met their yearly quota, while others are getting filled-up speedily. However, the petition of a candidate–with a legal offer of employment and Labour Market Opinion (LMO)–may be considered outside of the limit structure.

The nation’s Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme is under constant appraisal with the latest improvements made public on February 11 this year, even while as per the new arrangements, now be more focus will be given on the LMO that restricts the utilization of the temporary overseas employees in certain areas with more number of unemployment cases. Steps to assist spot weak labor force have been started and so have been begun steps to better implement employer conformity to the terms and conditions of the plan.

Besides–as a component of the Economic Action Plan of 2014–the Federal Immigrant Investor Program & the Federal Entrepreneur Program are to be stopped. The said improvements were made public on February 11 this year. The huge build-up of the existing submissions for the given two schemes will also be abolished afterwards.

The likely introduction of an Expression of Interest (EoI) based arrangement was proclaimed in January 2014. The same would work as a second stage in the approval procedure for the Federal Skilled Worker Scheme, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades, Business Category, besides the Provincial Nominee Scheme. While the 1st stage is eligibility, the 2nd stage is the accessibility of keen recruiters/firms. The EOI structure is set to start in January the next year.

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