Latest Western Australia Skilled Migration List in the Pipeline

Certain new reports suggest that Western Australia (WA) is evaluating its list for skilled migration occupation. The latest list for a very flourishing area of the nation that the WA is would be released in the month of October this year.

Meanwhile, the concerned officers maintain that even as the appraisal is in the pipeline, the present list for 2012-2013 is still in force for those filing a petition for permits. Further, a notice of at least 15 days will be given about the latest 2013-2014 list, prior to the same comes into force.

As per the concerned organization, the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List (WASMOL) for 2013-2014 will be released sooner than later even as the given list is crucial, since to be sent an invite for the state nomination, it’s crucial that the applicant has a vocation on the present WASMOL.

Allegedly, the prerequisites for the nomination for state are presently under analysis. The 2012-2013 conditions will continue to be in force until an additional notice even while notice will be given on the portal for migration not less than 15 business days before the latest criteria’s implementation.

Authorities are also reportedly repeating before the foreign permit candidates that the procedure for sponsorship for state has been amended, & that the Skilled Migration Western Australia at the concerned organization does not anymore entertain direct submissions filed for sponsorship for state.

Qualified aspirants are presently invited to file a petition via the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) SkillSelect system. It denotes presenting an EoI, via the database of SkillSelect. The concerned department then picks-up aspirants from SkillSelect before proffering an invite to submit a submission for state nomination. The aspirants invited to file a petition will be offered with an exclusive identifier to present a submission to the involved department.

There also exists a particular permit for those keen to do a job in regional Australia, through the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subcategory 187). The said permit is meant for the qualified employees from outside Down Under or trained temporary nationals who stay & do a job across the regional Australia.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subcategory 187) has 3 classes:

Temporary Residence Transition Class: It’s for the subcategory 457 permit holders who have been involved with work activities for 2 years even as their recruiter/firm wishes to provided them with a permanent position.

Direct Entry Class: It’s for those who have in no way, or just for a brief period, been involved with the nation’s labour market.

Agreements Class: It’s for people who have sponsorship from a recruiter, via a labour or regional immigration deal.

Aspirants may file a petition for this permit, in case they wish to reside & get involved with work activities across regional Australia. Akin to every permit categories, there are limitations, and candidates ought to be below 50 years, besides fulfill the expertise, qualifications, & English language conditions.

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