Latvia: Cuisines and Costumes

The mouth watering dishes of Latvia got huge appreciation in all over the world for amazing savor and liked by a large number of foodies.  Consisted of agriculture products, the Latvian Cuisines are famous for its deliciousness and include the meat ingredient in varieties of dishes. Fish is a common ingredient in Latvian food, great influenced by some of the neighboring countries, which are located in Baltic region. Aside from fish and meat, Latvian cuisines are prepared by using several other ingredients that include Potato, Cabbage, egg, pork, Barley, Wheat and many more.

Besides, some special ingredients make Latvian Cuisines spicy and quite fatty. Latviais also famous for some traditional dishes especially traditional cheese called caraway, often served in the celebration of midsummer. Moreover, the traditional drink of Latvia is Kvass, which is popular in some neighboring countries as well. Apart from that, some alcoholic beverages like Balzam, beer and Vodka, are also popular in the country. Besides, Rupjmaize, made from rye, is a dark bread and integral item of Latvian meal.

When it comes to Latvian Costumes, it is highly influenced by Latvian culture and history. There are 100 different types of National costumes used in the country as every region has its own costume. The national costume reflects the great culture and history of the country, worn by the people of Latvia in commemoration of some special occasions like Songs and Dance Festival, Midsummer Night and some other holidays.

Moreover, folklore groups in Latvia also wear national costume while performing folk dances on stage. Latvian people have great propensity for folk costumes and wear it several occasions such as wedding function, festivals and some special kind of celebrations. Some famous folk costumes are Kurzeme, Zemgale, Latgale and Vidzeme.

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