Learn about Australia Skilled Migration Selection Model

The Commonwealth of Australia–better known as Australia—as it is too well known, is one of the most preferred immigration destinations of the world. Courtesy its amazingly high economic growth, a remarkable number of people moves to the nation of the Kangaroos every year, and from across the globe, especially under the nation’s famous and widely used skilled migration program. Before applying for the same, it is advisable to know about the Australia Skilled Migration Selection Model.

Due to high economic growth Down Under is a popular economic destination among the migrants. Actually, the country is arguably the first choice of many qualified migrants. People–who wish to migrate to the country–are duly assessed purely on the basis of a points-based system.

The country offers equal opportunities to aspirants from different experience, ages, nationalities, and qualifications. Skilled workers interested in moving to Oz need to be proficient in English and should have professional experience.

Know about Australia skilled migration selection model

As mentioned before, before applying for a visa under skilled migration program it is always better to Know about Australia skilled migration selection model, to avoid the chances of getting your application cancelled. Some basic requirements to self consider before lodging an application are:-

• You should be at least 18 or below 50 years at the time of applying
• You should be fluent in English
• While applying your nominated occupation should be in SOL
• You ought to have required work experience in nominated occupation

The visa applicants for skilled migration are selected on the basis of ‘point test’ scored in selection criteria. The point test is applicable for all kind of skilled visas.

The procedure:-

  • To clear a point test applicant require 60 points
  • Points will be provided on the basis of Age
  • Through the IELTS testing, candidates will be awarded points based on English language efficiency
  • Aspirants will be awarded points based on international and national work experience
  • Candidates will be awarded points based on education qualification.
  • Aspirants will be awarded points if their partners satisfy the basic requirements of age, English language ability, education qualification, nominated occupation and professional experience.
  • Candidates will be awarded points if they have completed at least two years full time study in Oz.
  • Aspirants will be awarded points if they have NAATI accredited translation qualification.
  • In the sponsored visa categories candidates will be awarded points if they are sponsored by an Australian State/Territory Government.
  • Applicants will also be awarded points if they or their spouses have family relatives residing in Oz.

All visa applicants are required to be proficient in English language prior to submission of Expression of Interest (EoI) and they need to clear point test. Along with other requirements, they will also have to be approved by ‘Skill Select’ to successfully get hold of their skilled visas. Skilled migration selection process includes following steps:-

  • The aspirants applying for a Skilled Migrant visa will first have to register their claims for skilled migration through an online EoI.
  • Before lodging an EoI, applicant must have scored at least 65 points on the Points Test
  • Applicant should have passed the English language test
  • After completing the required formalities the final decision of granting visa is of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.
  • If а formal invitation does not greet the aspirants, within two years of applying, the EoI will lapse.
  • Applicants are allowed to update their interests whenever they feel like during the two year period
  • They enjoy the option to renew interests once these have lapsed.
  • Candidates are given preference of the basis of quotas and once the required intake is done, applications for that particular occupation will be closed off until the next year.

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