Learn about Benefits of Australia Immigration for Telecommunication Engineers

A migrant to Australia gets to enjoy several benefits in the country. Skilled migrants–such as Telecommunication Engineers especially are treated very well by the government, and given all kinds of benefits by virtue of their expertise and knowledge. Incidentally, at the present, Down Under is seeking qualified Telecommunication Engineers to come, live and work within the Australian territory.

In case you happen to be one of the professionals–and till now you have not thought about Australia Immigration–then it’s high time you did the same now. The country is just perfect for ambitious people like you and it offers unlimited benefits for Telecommunication Engineers once Australia Immigration successfully takes place.

Specialists like you design and develop the telecommunication systems, products and devices.

Australia Skilled Occupation Lists

Your occupation is mentioned on the following Australian skill lists:

  1. Skilled Occupations List
  2. Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List
  • Labour Market Testing Required for 457 List
  1. RSMS Occupations List

In Australia, Telecommunication Engineers earn a handsome pay package. Ideally a professional may start with the AU$68,369 annually along unlimited benefits to enjoy.

Telecommunication Engineers–Key Responsibilities

Before we discuss the benefits of Australia Immigration for Telecommunication Engineers, let us look at the responsibilities these professionals are expected to undertake while they are in the nation:

  1. Appraise new products and services provided by various vendors.
  2. Guarantee observance with directives, laws, processes and policies in the provision of telecommunication systems.
  • Plan, design, build, and commission telecommunication networks, devices, and a variety of systems; for example, radio, voice, microwave, two-way, data, satellite and digital data systems, further check telecommunication systems interconnect with equipments from diverse manufacturers, users and service providers.
  1. Bring together engineering project proposals to classify chief goals, extent and background and also determine the cost of equipments, services and parts.
  2. Choose and develop fresh telecommunication sites, via filling documents, finding sites, and drawing documents for endorsement, draft construction drawings and follow through to authorization.
  3. Determine fitting configurations of telecommunication hardware and software, and certify preferred performance of telecommunication equipments.
  • Get ready and interpret specifications, drawing and rules for the exploitation of telecommunications equipments.
  • Establish the kind and arrangement of transformers, circuits, circuit-breakers, transmission line and equipments.
  1. Recognize and examine various problems and requirements of telecommunication systems, i.e., clarity, interference and intelligibility also determine the fitting means of eliminating, cutting-down and avoiding the present and future problems and perk-up communications.
  2. Keep an eye on telecommunications systems to review requirement for enhancements, upgrades, updates, precautionary maintenance and latest systems.
  3. Evaluate performance levels of system hardware and software to project future requirements, and build-up short and long-terms plans for updating equipments, improving current systems and offering superior telecommunications.

Major Benefits

And now the gains! The ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is an ethnically diverse country and it is estimated approximately 25% of the total population consists of immigrants making it an immigrant friendly country, where instead of considering immigrants as national burden they are considered as national assets. Australian Citizens, by and large, welcome them with open arms and help them become accustomed with the foreign environment.

Telecommunication Engineers get an excellent and equal opportunity at par with the citizens. Discrimination on any basis is considered illegal and subject to legal action. Each professional gets an equal opportunity to progress and key emphasis is on professional skills rather than personal.

Like many other experts, they get to avail the best developed healthcare facilities. However, one might have to cool his heels for a while to assess this benefit. These specialists may sponsor their family members and relatives, provided they meet the required criteria. They are free to travel anywhere in the country. But, travelling abroad may be restricted as per the valid visa.

In Oz, the future scope of Telecommunication Engineers is bright, and it is expected that their demand in the country will continue to head north.

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