Learn about Benefits of UK Immigration

The United Kingdom (UK) is also known as Britain and/or England. London is its state capital. The UK is arguably the friendliest nation across the globe even as its residents are rather helpful and co-operative. One and all are welcomed here with open arms. The country, being sixth largest in world’s economy, has stored many unexplored things in its vicinity.

The benefits of UK immigration are many and can motivate any migrant to move to its shores. These benefits of UK immigration act like a magnet and draws people residing outside the country to the shores of the nation. To begin with, a skilled worker gets good and well-paying jobs in the nation. The country pays well to the hard working people. They are liable to get more salary if they follow the rules and contribute to the economy of the Great Britain.

A migrant can easily earn 150 pounds every week even as he also gets the benefit of pension and other facilities. The limitation of earning 150 pounds is restricted to 3 months only, after 3 months the migrant can get income based JSA for another 6 months. A migrant can earn minimum wage of 28000 pound annually and if he has a wife and 2 children then the 2/3 subsidy is provided by the state. Good job, with handsome salaries, and then pension during the old age—what else a worker can ask for?

As a person grows old the usual health problem starts over powering him, and his life becomes full of tensions giving birth to a relatively short and stressed life, but not in the UK. The government, through its many welfare schemes ensures, the safety and security of its people when they become old and needy and this could be rightly said to be one of the advantages of UK immigration. Significantly, a migrant, who is classified under the rules of work and pension department, is eligible for claiming child benefit; along with the housing benefits he can also obtain job seeker’s allowance, in case he loses his job.

British people are known for their pleasant nature. They are always ready to help others; they are concerned about the person’s individuality. Housing benefit is another factor which draws migrants to the UK. Great Britain has become a largest sea port of the world and a hub of global airport with lot of job openings for the migrant. Assurance of job is another vital factor which motivates the migrant for UK immigration.

The entire benefit of immigration to the UK revolves around its welfare benefits, which are paid to every one in order to maintain the minimum standard of living. Children are given pocket money, and old people get pension. The country is also well-known for its cleanliness and healthy surroundings. One’s life-span increases when he lives in such a healthy place. Britain can be regarded as a combination of health, wealth and prosperity.

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