Learn Why You Need Lithuania Immigration & Visa Services

Lithuania–officially known as the Republic of Lithuania–is a beautiful country situated in Northern Europe. It is the largest of the three Baltic States i.e. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Lithuania has an estimated population of 3 million. The capital and the largest city of the country is Vilnius. The official language of Lithuania is Lithuanian.

Lithuania’s Act of Independence was signed on February 16th, 1918 as the First World War was nearing its end. Lithuania is a member of the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The United Nations Human Development Index lists Lithuania as a “very high human development” country. The nation has been ranked among the fastest growing economies in the EU.

Perhaps, it is the most amazing yet beautiful country located in the region of Northern European. This is the first Soviet state which officially broke free from its parent country, i.e. USSR. Earlier, it was a part of USSR. This country is located at the centre of Europe and acknowledged for best facilities that it offers to everyone, be it the citizens or non-citizens of the country.

The Baltic nation provides a temporary residence permit program under which one can stay in the nation on a temporary basis, and after span of five years, it can be converted into full residency status. This program is issued to the non EU members for limited period of one year and is further extendable up to five years.

Lithuania Immigration and Visa Services

There are different Lithuania Immigration and Visa Service consultancies located in India which help the aspirants from this part of the world to shift to the country, without any hassles and inside a reasonable time-frame. Being professionally run and managed by professionals, the consultancies involved with Lithuania Immigration and Permit Services offer all that one needs to make the cut and get a permit to lawfully move to the nation.

Significantly, the immigration process of this country is very easy and effortless, and enables Indians to dream of living in a foreign country without shedding too much money from their pocket. The Baltic nation gives a perfect opportunity to people who want to live in Europe. It has come as a blessing for all the people and investors looking to invest in European countries.

This country marks tremendous opportunities for people looking for lucrative business and employment opportunities. Those who migrate to the overseas destination from India, like elsewhere, have a wide scope of living in any part of Europe, once they become a permanent citizen.

The Lithuanian Investor Immigration Act has some of the positive interests which help people from different countries, and especially from Indian to settle down easily in the country. One can always move to the foreign destination on the basis of work or study permit, and later on apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after checking all the important details.

However, there are certain conditions implied by Lithuanian government for people applying for visa, investment or migration process under different immigrant programs. The applicant should possess a licensed health insurance policy which can help him later, if he unfortunately undergoes some serious illness. The background of the applicant is checked thoroughly by the government.

However, as mentioned before, the candidates can and should take professional help and guidance from the prominent firms offering Lithuania Immigration and Permit Consultancy Services from the different parts of India. It is necessary to keep the chances of petition rejections and dismissals at a safe distance. One wrong move may destroy one’s chances and deny him a permit. One incorrectly filled visa petition column may cast a shadow on one’s chances.

Incidentally, the Lithuanian government has issued certain regulations and standard of ethics for all the consultancies related to Lithuania Immigration and Visa Services. It is advised by the government that there should not be any kind of fraud done by the consultant to help his client get visa easily.

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