Less Number of Foreign Students to be Admitted in ITE!

The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) would not accept any students of foreign origin from the next year. This is specific to those foreign students who have not undergone the education system in Singapore for their full-time courses.

The decision came about after eight months when the fee for the school was increased for the students of foreign origin. This move has been welcomed by the observers of the industry. As per these industry observers, this is an effort to make sure that the investments incurred in the ITE would mainly concentrate on the benefit of the local Singaporeans.

According to Bruce Poh, the Director and Chief Executive Office for ITE, if looked into the current figures for enrolment, the foreign students only cater to about two percent which comes to about 250 students for each ITE cohort. Each batch in the ITE has a total students ranging from 12,000 to 13,000.

Initially, foreign students were eligible to apply with their private or overseas qualifications. However, such students would be accepted anymore. Only those foreign students would be admitted who have finished their secondary schooling from Singapore itself.

When it comes to such students, it only caters to about two percent of the total intake. Poh revealed this after the ceremony of ground-breaking for the new headquarters of the ITE as well as its third campus known as the ITE College Central.

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