Licensed Practical Nurses (3233), Canada Immigration Awaits You!

As per some reports, Canada is aggressively welcoming Licensed Practical Nurses Code 3233, to fulfill the needs of its ageing population. The nation has one of the best medical facilities in the world even while a significant number of people from across the globe visit the nation to make the most of its excellent medical health facilities.

And this has significantly increased the burden of fulfilling the many vacant positions with qualified and experienced Licensed Practical Nurses. And since the local labor force is not sufficient in numbers, Ottawa is busy exploring overseas options. Against this backdrop, if you are one of those whom the country is hunting, then you will be more than pleased to know that your time has come, and you are ‘officially’ wanted in the country.

Work Profile

These experts are responsible to provide nursing care under the supervision of qualified medical practitioners or other health team members. Usually, they are hired by nursing homes, private clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and extended care facilities, private homes, not to mention community health centers. Operating room technicians are also included under this group.

Why and how as Licensed Practical Nurses, Code 3233, your job prospects are bright in Canada?

  1. Health care has grown faster than expected. The country offers unparalleled diversity and employment opportunities for immigrants, round the globe, in the respected field.
  2. The Maple Leaf Country has a large aging population even while the trend for providing better health care facilities in nursing homes has drastically increased.
  3. Ottawa has also implemented credential recognition for immigrants with backgrounds in the nursing field, which will help them finding suitable jobs easily. And the present shortage of registered nurses is also creating new opportunities for the Licensed Practical Nurses.
  4. Recently, a move towards “Team Nursing” is also causing a demand for these experts and the formation of new retirement and nursing homes and the expansion of existing ones are also creating employment opportunities.

Some areas in the country wherein you can easily join as Licensed practical nurses are Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, etc.

Main Duties

Some of the duties as Licensed practical nurses are:-

  • These experts are responsible to provide nursing services, within defined scope of practice, to patients based on individual patient assessment.
  • These professionals are accountable to perform nursing interventions, such as applying aseptic techniques, including sterile dressing and ensuring infection control, through monitoring nutritional intake and conducting specimen collection.
  • These specialists are responsible to administer medication and observe as well as document therapeutic effects, and to provide pre-operative and post-operative personal care.
  • These professionals are accountable to monitor established respiratory therapy and intravenous therapy.
  • These experts are responsible to monitor patient’s progress and evaluate effectiveness of nursing interventions and consult respected doctors, and also provide safety and health education to individual patients and their families.

Employment Requirements

To become a practical nurse, you are required to complete a vocational, college or any other relevant and approved program. Along with it, registration with a regulatory body is also required; it is needed to work in any Canadian provinces and territories. You are also required to undergo a Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination to be qualified to join different provinces and territories, except Quebec.

Certain available facts clearly reveal that the beautiful country is eagerly looking for well-trained Licensed practical nurses, and if you think you fit in the bill, all the best for your future immigration process. The Maple Leaf Country awaits you with open arms.

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