Lithuania Immigration: A Transitory Look

These days, the amazingly beautiful Baltic nation of Lithuania is attracting discernible migrants from across the globe. The Republic of Lithuania’s rapidly growing economy is becoming the major attraction for the migrants and inspiring them to explore the unexplored immigration gem tucked far away in the mesmerizing and welcoming lap of nature.

To get involved with Lithuania immigration, and migrate to the nation, is not a thorny task even as available is two options which can be fruitfully explored. One is of temporary stay and the other is of permanent stay. For this, a valid permit is required, which may facilitate easier entry to the country.

A residence visa of this newly independent nation–which gained independence from the former USSR in 1990–proffers the people from the non-EU/non-EEA regions the power to live in the nation, to pick-up a specific place of dwelling, to alter the place of abode, and to leave from and come back to the nation during the phase of authority of the residence visa, covering travel inside the Schengen Zone.

As mentioned before, residence visas could be either temporary or permanent by nature. Apart from some specific cases, the first-time residence permits & residence visas made available for employment or business objects are frequently impermanent by nature. It is vital that the first submissions are made to the consular post of the Baltic nation out-of-the-country.

The candidates already legally staying in the country can file a visa-petition to an organization duly sanctioned by the concerned minister. However, the presentation of such a submission does in no way give the right to the aspirant to remain in the country while the petition is under process. It usually takes nearly six months for processing the request. After receiving the notification, one should cool his heels prior to making inquiries when the time of notification expires.

It is mandatory to submit the permit for renewing the visa within three months of time prior to its extinction. Another condition is the laws of the Schengen Visa which provides the visa holders the unmatched liberty of mobility to the neighboring countries. It is vital that the alien is rich enough to survive or much have or a regular income to manage his stay in the country.

It needs to be kept in mind that a person found involved in any kind of human trafficking can be prevented from entering the northern European country. Family members of the short term visa holder are regarded as refugees in Lithuania, and are expected to submit a residence permit under the Family Unification class. It is also expected of a migrant that he will not harm the national public property, and in no case, will interfere with the national security.

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