Lithuania Immigration Application Process and Visa Requirements

Even if you are a choosy in finding the most appropriate immigration country, you have a wonderful reason to set your eyes on the Province of Lithuania – spread over an area of 65,200 km2 and widely recognized as a geographically well located country – having around 99 km of sandy coastline. Anxious to enter into the region of the country, one should explore full of ideas – that relates to Lithuania Immigration Visa Requirements and Application Process.

The immigration process of the country may be experienced by a majority of the applicants as a quite tedious to some extent, but it can be completed successfully after getting aware of all types of information related to this. Whether you are seeking for a job opportunity or business expansion, the fastest growing economy of Lithuania made it possible to get your dream fulfilled. Knowing for immense industrial growth, the largest Baltic country witnessed a wonderful economic growth year-by-year and established itself a better destination for starting business and earning a huge profit.

The growing number of companies in Lithuania indeed increased the possibility of finding dream jobs for skilled professionals – often tempted by offering an attractive salary package by lots of well established companies in the country – shares its borders with several countries like Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russian exclave. Getting a permanent residence in Lithuania can be possible only if you have successfully gone through the Lithuania Immigration Visa Requirements and Application Process.

The passive investors or highly experienced businessmen are always in a high demand in the country and facilitated by offering lots of privileges like social security, health benefits, transportation and lots more. Unlike other countries, Lithuania, an active member of NATO and the first Soviet Union to claim independence, also needs foreign investment to keep its economy development program on the right track.

Obtaining a visa is the first step to immigrate to Lithuania, for that, you have to keep all Lithuania Visa Requirements in your mind as all the requirements are meant to be satisfied by an intended applicant. Of course, getting Lithuania visa is not an easy task for an applicant, but you can make it possible by hiring a visa expert who will work on your behalf with offering a great assurance of getting a positive outcome.

ABHINAV can be a better choice regarding this – presents all the opportunities that are available in the country in front of you clearly and complete more than half of your task of immigration. Besides, ABHINAV focuses on several ways to make you fully prepared for a visa interview – a most important and final step of getting immigration visa.

Here are all the Lithuania Visa Requirements – are much needed to be satisfied by the applicants.

  1. A visa application must be duly signed by the applicants
  2. A national identification or passport with at least three months validity
  3. The candidates must have a clear purpose of visit and must also provide information related to their visit to Schengen countries
  4. The candidates must be physically fit and possess a health certificate
  5. The candidates must produce their flight tickets and accommodation information
  6. Must be able to provide a travel document with two black pages – that should be issued within the previous 10 years
  7. Must be able to provide a recent passport size color photograph
  8. The candidates must be able to demonstrate the visa fee and various other documents that support their eligibility

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