Lithuania Residence Permit–Key Advantages At A Glance

With more than 2 million inhabitants, Lithuania is one of the three Baltic countries located in Northern Europe. It has a rich history to share, strong cultural ties and moral values. The Baltic country is fast becoming famous among immigrants thanks to several factors.

It is expected that the country will be the first choice of those immigrants who wish to live and work abroad, especially in Europe. It is a member of many international organizations and groups. It has a high ‘Human Development Index’ (HDI) and has the most competitive growing economy in the European Union (EU).  From January 1, 2015 it adopted ‘Euro’ as its official currency and became the 19th member to join the Euro zone.

If the country attracts you, then you must know about the Lithuania Residence Permit and Key advantages associated with it. To make the complex process easy, potential immigrants may apply for either Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) or Permanent Residence Permit (PRP).

The TRP is issued for one year. However, if you wish to extend the duration, you may do so by submitting a fresh application for extension. Once the application is accepted by the Lithuania High Commission/Embassy the application process will take six months.

The PRP can be obtained through various means. You become eligible to apply for PRP if you have lived and worked in the country for at least five years. However, under certain circumstances you can straight away acquire the PRP such as if you are married to a Lithuanian citizen or under family unification category. Depending on the case category the application processing may take up to four months.

Key Advantages-Lithuania Residence Permit

With certain differences there are many similar benefits enjoyed by both temporary residence holders and permanent residence holders.

  1. Applicant may travel visa-free to the EU and Schengen member countries and can stay for up to 90 days in a six months time.
  2. Lithuania Residence Permit holders may easily get permit for many more nations, such as the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.
  3. Applicant is free to work anywhere in the EU and he can easily complete paperwork to work in Schengen member country.
  4. TRP holder may apply for permanent residence once he has lived and worked in the country for at least five years.
  5. Candidates can purchase a car in their name and form their own company they may partner or overtake an existing business venture also.
  6. Aspirants may easily access many social benefits, such as free medical healthcare, maternity leave, unemployment benefits and free education.

Categorically speaking, the Baltic country makes the life of immigrants easy with several of benefits and they get to enjoy the well developed infrastructure, and well connected transportation system. Throughout the year, the nation’s weather remains pleasant. Summers are not too hot and generally temperature does no cross more the 21 degree Celsius. While the winters can be tough, for snow lovers it’s a heaven on earth.

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