Living in the US—an Enriching & Rewarding Experience

US–also known as the ‘United States of America’ or simply ‘the States’– is an ethnically diverse country and has a rich history of immigration. Way back from early 17th century, the US has been counted amongst the best developed countries in the world–courtesy its strong economy which is generally considered to be post industrial.

The nation is currently the world’s lone Super Power and also the most influential political and cultural force globally. It is the first country in the world to have acquired Nuclear weapons and is the permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, a major leader in scientific research and technological innovations. No wonder, it is a dream destination for millions of migrants.

Its tourist attractions are another major attraction. From the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, to the natural wonders of Alaska and Yellowstone leading you to the sunny blue beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii, the US has all one may look forward to.

However living in the US has all the more different experience. The country offers equal opportunities to grow and children of the migrants get equal opportunities to become literate and experience a well developed life style, in the most democratic environment, without being discriminated on any basis.

The nation has high respect for Human Rights and favors individual freedom. To defend the same, both have been constitutionally enshrined in the United States Bill of Rights. The country of beautiful dreams clearly promises liberty, life and happiness to those living in the US. As per the records, the US standard of living is one of the best and it is among the top 20 globally even while it makes living in the US a very enriching and memorable experience.

As per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the nation believes that each individual is born free and is equal in acquiring rights and dignity, and each individual living within its territory shall act towards one another in a pure spirit of harmony and brotherhood.

Living in the US—Top Benefits

Some of the major benefits the soil offered to its people are:

  1. The much talked and desired high standard of living.
  2. Strong economy: the US has one of the major influential economies in the world.
  3. The country has one of the most talked education institutions on its soils, such as the American University, Cambridge University, etc.
  4. Work environment is competitive yet healthy and non discriminatory. Each individual is promoted and encouraged on the basis of his skills.
  5. Each individual enjoys the right to life, liberty and security as a major fundamental right.

Living in the States is all together a different learning experience. It is said the country has been built by immigrants and its history goes back to early 17th century. Slowly and steadily the nation has become the most ethnic country and a mixture of different cultures and languages though English remains its mother tongue and also the most spoken universal language.

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