LMO for IT Workers Applying for work permit to Canada

According to the HRSDC, all the skilled migrants belonging to the profession of IT (Information Technology Specialists) have to apply and obtain a Labor Market Opinion (LMO) if they intend to apply for a work permit to Canada. This would be implemented from 30th September 2010.

Previously, the employers and the applicants under the IT segment were not under any obligation to get a certification from the LMO. There were a total of seven job segments under the IT sector for immigrants to apply. With the changes in place, this could be considered as a complete reversal of the process that was being followed.

As per the new system, all the employers in Canada would have to demonstrate their efforts in seeking local people for the same job that they intend to offer an immigrant. All forms of evidence have to be provided by the employer which proves their efforts in recruitment. This includes advertising and so on. With the process for the LMO in place, the timelines for the visa procedure would increase by another two months.

This amendment has been brought about to keep the integrity constant when it came to the Foreign Worker Program.

This change however should not be confused with Immigration procedures and rules applicable to IT and computing professionals wishing to migrate to Canada. This is only an additional step that employers, wishing to hire international IT professionals, must undertake as part of the overall work permit process.

This is in fact good news for permanent residents and Canadian citizens as it protects Canadian jobs for them. This change also means that qualified IT professionals should apply for permanent resident visa to Canada and make Canada their home for good rather than wait for a work permit offer from a Canadian employer.

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