London to Boost Biometric Residence Permits for Migrants

In a positive development — which is unlikely to much enthuse the many migrants to Britain — London hopes to increase, by 100%, the number of immigrants, who could be required to have a biometric residence permit (BRP), to continue to stay on the soils of the nation. This development is expected to swell the number of people — who could be required to have the permit — to nearly 400,000 per annum.

Reportedly, the nation is expanding the biometric system to require all candidates from outside the boundaries of the European Economic Area (EEA), duly applying to live on the British soils for a period of more than half year, to record their digital facial picture and fingerprints. Those who would make the cut would get a biometric dwelling permit, as proof of their immigration status and entitlements in the country, even as this would cover expatriates and others offered settlement.

The said permit stocks-up the fingerprints and picture of an individual. This is done on a safe chip. Afterwards, this information is used to get data involving the work rights and the benefits status of a migrant.

Meanwhile, the British Immigration Minister was quoted as saying that the new development was tailored to cut down on the misuse associated with immigration, via proving the right of people to work or make use of the services. He continued that the move will help make certain that only those, having the right to remain in the country, may grab a job, in an authorized way, in the nation and much benefit from the services to which they could be permitted.

Starting June 2012, an online service will enable the job providers from Britain to thoroughly check the credentials of the potential overseas workers to know if they are qualified enough to do a job, or use the benefit schemes in the country.

Till date, more than 650,000 permits have been made available.

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