MAC’s Recommendations for UK Shortage Occupation List!

As part of the regular review of the UK shortage occupation list, the Migration Advisory Committee has recently come up with its new report that contains recommendations for the UK shortage occupation list.

On its third partial review of the UK occupation list, the MAC recommended that the pharmacists’ category on the list should be expanded which could accommodate community pharmacists as well. The community pharmacists refer to those workers who work for employers other than the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

In addition, the committee also recommended the elimination of the orchestral musician jobs from the list, which is not meant for principals or leaders of internationally renowned or recognized orchestras in the UK. Along with UK occupation list, MAC also released a report of the Scotland shortage occupation list, but there was no change recommended on the same. The committee is expected to publish the full review of list in the autumn this year.

The Migration Advisory Committee is the body responsible for providing liberated advice in areas like shortages of skilled labor in various occupations to the UK government. As per the advice of the MAC, the UK immigration department prepares the occupation lists. The committee is required to have a partial review of the shortage occupation list for the points-based system of assessing eligibility for a UK visa at an interval of six months!

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