Make Skilled Immigration to Australia, Get PR Visa!

Australia–as it is widely known–actively encourages trained manpower from all across the globe to shift to its shores, to contribute to its economy and take the nation forward, through their expertise & professional qualifications. Through a number of easy-to-follow skilled visa classes, Canberra welcomes such migrants. Eventually, most of the successful skilled migrants pocket the nation’s prized Permanent Residence (PR) Visa.

The process for filing a petition for the said permit is simple. The aspirants may file a petition for the same after they have resided for a period of two years in a Specified Regional Zone, and worked for 1 year across these regions. Significantly, the Skilled – Regional (Residence) Visa (subclass 887) is purposely tailored for those holders of a provisional skilled permit, who wish to file a petition for the Australia PR.

Coming back to the key issue, i.e., skilled immigration to Australia, an aspirant ought to have a vocation which matches one of the vocations as given in the Skilled Occupation List (SQL) brought out from time to time by Immigration Australia. It needs to be remembered though that just matching one’s professional status with that on the list is not enough, as the real job responsibilities and duties matter too; in fact, these are more crucial.

Afterwards, the skills have to be duly evaluated by a professional organization for the chosen line of work, which is compulsory. Once this professional appraisal part is done with, an aspirant can file a petition for skilled immigration to Australia with the concerned body. The procedure for appraisal may take anywhere from two to six months.

Skilled Immigration to Down Under is based on a points-arrangement even as points are based on several factors, such as skill, age, language skills, partner employability & qualification, applicable job experience, & sponsorship, etc. A sum total of all the said issues ought to be over or equal to the existing pass marks, which is 65.

However, if you fail to earn the needed marks, it does not mean the end of the road for you. You may explore the State Sponsored Permit Class or Family Sponsored Permit Class (in case qualified) route, in a situation wherein you need just some points. While sponsorship from an Australian relative can make your richer with 10 extra points, a state sponsorship may make your richer with 5 additional points, even as these lower your pass mark.

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