Make The Most Of Canada Immigration Opportunity For Industrial Public Relation Professionals!

Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations worldwide. The ‘Land of Mil & Honey’ has emerged as a great multicultural hub and its progressive and high standard of living attract people from almost every corner of the world, and motivates them to settle in this leading peaceful and amazingly blessed beautiful country.

Lately, Canada is facing a severe shortage of skilled professionals, such as Industrial Public Relation Professionals, for example, across many Canadian provinces or territories. Sensing the opportunity presented by the occasion, numerous practitioners from across the globe are immigrating or trying to immigrate to the country, using their in-demand expertise.

Against the backdrop, the prospects of these professionals are rather bright even as they have an excellent scope to make a rewarding career as it is an evergreen field and highly in demand in the country. Almost half of the current practitioners has been either promoted or have retired in the nation. Interestingly, the sector is unpredictable, but at the same time, it’s rather promising and reliable than any other sector.

Job Profile

These specialists are responsible to assist in solving disputes as per the guidelines on the basis of workplace related policies. They also represent industrial, commercial or any other party in negotiating on pay and terms, and the conditions of employment.

Key Responsibilities

•    Advertise job vacancies, conduct interviews, and select employees accordingly.
•    Maintain personnel records and the associated inventory of human resources.
•    Proffer advice to management on the workplace relations policies.
•    Oversee employees’ performance and disciplinary matters.
•    Organize the induction of employees and provide them information on terms and conditions about services, salaries, and promotional opportunities.
•    Receive vacancy information from employers and simultaneously provide information on the current vacancies in the organization to both employers and the job seekers.
•    Negotiate on terms and conditions of employment.
•    Build up, plan and formulate collective contracts such as productivity-based wage adjustment procedures, workplace relations policies and procedures to execute them.
•    Supervise the formation and conduct of workplace consultative committees and employee participation initiatives.
•    Organize training sessions for employees as required.

It is true that Canada provides amazing Immigration Opportunity for Industrial Public Relation Professionals but only if you possess the following qualifications:

•    A graduate or post graduate degree else a diploma in a relevant subject.
•    Minimum five years of work experience in an Industrial Relations.
•    Specialized IR course work, if possible.
•    Sharp technical skills in industrial relations.
•    Excellent communication skills with the demonstrated ability to provide advice to Business leaders.
•    Strong knowledge of the developing industry with the sharp ability to translate market factors into advice.
•    Ability to work collectively in a team environment.
•    Exceptional computer skills.

Work environment for Industrial Public Relation Professionals

It is exceptionally favorable, the pay package is lucrative, and the management is approachable as well as accountable. Individual innovation is acknowledged even while good efforts are rewarded accordingly. The primary focus is staff safety; zero incidents are the main goal. Working hours are fixed and extra hours are paid respectively.

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