Make The Most of Canada PR Express Entry 2015!

It is no more a secret that the ‘Land of Opportunities’ is a hot immigration destination for skilled professionals, courtesy mainly its high standard of living and better employment opportunities. Annually, hundreds of thousands of people try to get Canada Visa under various economic programs.

Canada PR Express Entry 2015

Majority of the aspirants has an eye for Permanent Residence Visa (PRV). Recently, Canada has added Express Entry 2015 in its list of various economic programs. The program provides PR straight away to qualified applicants. So if you are interested in moving to the nation, on a permanent basis, make the most of the path-breaking visa and immigration plan!

Who is a Permanent Resident?

The status of PR is give to those who have successfully immigrated to the Maple Leaf Country but are not the citizens of the country. Despite the fact that they can live and work in the nation indefinitely, they can neither vote nor run for electoral office. However, there are number of benefits that come with the status, such as the right to live, study or work in anywhere in Canada, enjoy social benefits, including health benefits, the right to apply for Canadian citizenship. The PR Visa holders are also well protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms.

For those prospective immigrants, who are looking for an opportunity to acquire Canada PR, Express Entry 2015 could be the answer.

What is Express Entry 2015 and how one can get a PR under the program?

It is essentially an electronic program and consists of two major steps. The first step will include creating an online profile submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) as to why they wish to come and live in the nation. Eligible applicants under one of the economic program will enter the Express Entry Pool.

Second step will include the assessment of applicants according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) where candidates can score up to 12, 00 points. Aspirants–who do not have a job offer or a provincial nomination–may register themselves with the Canada Job Bank. Applicants are selected as per their ranking and eligible candidates are issued an Invitation to apply and have two months to claim the PR.

How to prepare for Express Entry 2015?

Primarily, to test the language proficiency, the program requires you to appear for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and for French language test requires the score of any of the following exam Test d’évaluation du français (TEF), the Test de connaissance du français (TCF), and the Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française (DELF).

Secondly, get your credentials assessed as per the Canadian standards. Thirdly, get a brief about the Comprehensive Ranking System. And lastly, make sure you do not suffer from any medical complication or hold a criminal record.

How the program is beneficial for applicants and employers

The program is fast processing. It takes a maximum of six months to process the applicants. It links the applicants with the employers, and as the program is completely electronic by nature, it reduces the paper work. For employers, it gives an excellent opportunity to pick the best skilled professionals available and brings them to Canada within no time.

Misrepresentation may lead to a strong penalty of up to five years

As the program has started accepting petitions, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has enforced strict guidelines under the program. Misrepresentation may lead to a penalty of two to five years of inadmissibility or even ban for applying PR status for a period of five years.

If an applicant declines an Invitation to apply, he will not be able to enter the pool for the next 12 months, and if post acceptance, the candidate fails to submit the application, along with supporting documents, in that case he will not get a second opportunity under the same Invitation to apply.

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