What Makes Hungary So Special for Global Investors & Businessmen?

Hungary for Global Investors & Businessmen

Hungary is one of the beautiful European nations and blessed with mesmerizing landscapes and wonderful natural environment. This landlocked nation covers 93,033 square kilometers, stretching 250 kilometers from North to South and 524 kilometers from East to West.

With its cultural heritage and a growing economy, this Unitary Parliamentary Republic has been a major crowd puller amongst a large section of the ambitious investors from across the globe. Significantly, in the year 2014, around 12.1 million global tourists crossed the borders to move to it even as a significant chunk of the visitors were global investors.

Hungary for Global Investors & Businessmen
Hungary for Global Investors & Businessmen

Actually, Hungary is a very good destination for the single-minded and dedicated global investors, as it offers endless opportunities to the aspirant who wishes to migrate to this beautiful European nation and make profitable investments there in.

What Makes Hungary Stand Out?

Now let’s discover how the country is an ideal immigration destination, especially for the businessmen and investors!

  1. Home to major global companies–With positive grounds of growth, Hungary has the offices of 45 out of top 50 global companies, thus, enticing more investors to make a move to live in this country and give a boost to their career.
  2. Liberal development plans–With the sole aim of inviting investors to the landlocked nation, the government runs many ambitious plans. And, to effectively execute these plans, it gives ample freedom to the global investors through various grants and credits.
  3. High-income mixed economy–The Unitary Parliamentary Republic is an OECD high-income mixed economy with exceedingly high Human Development Index (HDI) and trained manpower with the 16th lowest income inequality in the whole world.
  4. Export oriented market economy–Hungary is an export-oriented market economy with a heavy emphasis on foreign trade, and is the 36th largest export economy in the entire globe. In the year 2015, the trade surplus was 9.003 billion dollars. This is the reason why the nation is considered for business worldwide.
  5. Attracts foreign investments–The nation continues to be a leading destination for drawing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the entire Central and Eastern European region. The inward FDI in the nation was 119.8 billion dollars in 2015, even as the nation invests more than 50 billion dollars overseas. Its major working partners are France, Italy, Romania, Germany, Poland, and Austria.
  6. Most of the electronics are produced by the Hungary–Electronics are governing the modern era. Most of the work is done by machines these days. This lays investment in Hungary quite promising and inspires the global investors to make profitable investments in the nation. It is a major center for hardware research and mobile technology that has added fuel to the investment fire.
  7. Sound employment rate–The employment rate in the year 2015 was 65.0% even as this makes a valid reason for a migrant to cross the borders and land in this beautiful nation through the investment visa path.
  8. The single market for Europeans–Hungary is a hub for global investors that have 508 million consumers. Its membership of the WTO, the European Union, and Schengen Treaty entice the investors worldwide.
  9. Consists of many small and medium enterprises–With the presence of many enterprises, it provides ample opportunities to the global investors who wish to invest according to their capital and funds. Limitation of investment stands no bar there. Choose from its small and medium enterprises and claim its Permanent Residency (PR) through the gateway of investments.
  10. Lower crime rate–The nation is boosted with lowest crime rates amongst the other European countries. The surety of safe investments boosts the morale of global investors, and they pick Hungary for investment.
  11. Common language–English is widely spoken in the Unitary Parliamentary Republic opening gateways for global investors. This makes easier for the investors to effectively deal with the investments. With easy access through high speed connectivity and worldwide spoken language, it becomes easier to invest in the market.

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