Manchester airport on the grill by security officials!

According to some authorities, international passengers without getting their passports checked could easily walk out of the Manchester airport.

The airport authorities including the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) received severe criticism by the chief of UKBA on their lenient approach to immigration checks.

The inspectors discovered a possible easy walk out for international passengers at Terminal 3. After escaping the security checks, the one’s having connecting flights anywhere in UK could walk out of the airport.

According to Mr. Vine It was found that international passengers without undergoing any sort of immigration checks were directly driven to terminal three. Since Terminal 3 was meant only for domestic passengers, it was competent to handle any kind of immigration checks.

The airport said that the moment such a potential breach was reported, it was immediately taken care of. They said that probably the reported incidents may have in fact, never taken place. The situation however, was so grave that this information was passed to the Home Secretary.

Vine added that the facial recognition gates were unreliable simply because they weren’t in the working condition for a long time. The facial recognition allowed the passenger only if the passport was valid and the digital picture matched significantly. On his earlier inspection of the airport in May this year, he said that the airport staff was more interested in handling the queue than concentrating on protecting the border; he said this matter is of high priority and has to be addressed rightly.

UKBA’s director Steve Brassington of the Border Force North said that the force was very determined to block the entry of illegal immigrants and potentially hazardous material in to UK. He said that the concerns of the inspector were addressed in the best possible way.

The airport spokesperson said that the rectification in the security was speedily done after the report was made. As far as the comment on the facial recognition devices went, he added that Manchester possessed one of the best working technology in UK in this regard.

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