Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program!

Like other Canadian provincial nominee programs, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program enables foreign nationals to obtain Canadian permanent resident status. In other words, the status of a Manitoba provincial nominee speeds up the process of Canada Immigration visa application. On the province’s part, the program allows it to nominate overseas talents in order to meet the skill requirements of the Manitoba economy. Potential immigrants can qualify for the Manitoba Provincial nominee Program under a number of streams. They are:

  • General Stream
  • Family Support Stream
  • International Students Stream
  • Employer Direct Stream
  • Strategic Initiatives Stream
  • Business Immigration Stream

The Family Support Stream; the International Students Stream; and the Employer Direct Stream fall under the Priority Assessment Category (Streams). If applicants apply under the aforementioned streams, their applications are given priority when it comes to assessment. In other words, Priority Assessment Streams applications are assessed before other applications filed under other Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program’s streams or categories. The Priority Assessment Streams are meant for those applicants who can exhibit the highest potential for successful settlement in Manitoba.

There are different eligibility criteria for different categories under the Manitoba Provincial nominee Program. If you want to know more about this Canadian provincial program, contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant today!

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