Manitoba Business Provincial Nominee Programme FAQs

Provincial Nominee Programme

What is the Manitoba Business Investor Category?

It is basically a Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) run by the Canadian province of Manitoba, and is meant for those keen in staying and making productive investments in the province. The Expression of Interest (EOI) model is essentially used for the widely favored plan, even as under it the future aspirants put forward their plan to submit an application to the scheme, and those, who are most skilled, get an invitation to apply for the overseas movement.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme
Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme – (MPNP)

What conditions are employed to evaluate the Provincial Nominee petitions?

The requirements–as described by the Manitoba Labour and Immigration–comprise age, occupational demand in the province, education, guaranteed employment in the province, employment experience, regional development, adaptability, and language skills.

Is there a requirement of English skills to move to Manitoba?

Yes, there is a need of job-ready English to successfully submit an application to the MPNP. In order to positively show their skills in the language, it is mandatory for every aspirant (this does not include those presently doing a job in the province in the NOC 0, A or B), to present authorized results of an MPNP-sanctioned language test, taken not over two years before the date they present their MPNP Online petition.

Is it possible to file an appeal against a declined petition?

The MPNP petitions obtained before April 30, 2015 that have been officially and fully reviewed by the MPNP and led to the issuance of an MPNP refusal letter are qualified for a request for review (RFR).

What is the time frame for the MPNP petition to be processed?

The basis of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme (MPNP) is a mutual accord between the Administration of Manitoba and the Administration of Canada. It necessitates Manitoba to meticulously and unfailingly pre-screen every single aspirant, to certify that every single nominee has an openly confirmed likelihood to emerge as a fruitful economic immigrant, permanently settled in the province.

And so this is the main reason why the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme gives priority to the strongest applicants first. It is not possible for Manitoba to pledge processing times for any application, because every single petition is evaluated on its own specific merits, and each entails follow-up with the aspirants and supporters, to safeguard the integrity of the plan.

However, in order to speed up the processing of your petition, certify that you have uploaded 100% readable, confirmable certificates/papers, to show all declarations you eventually make in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme Online.

Is it necessary to use the professional services of an agent–such as attorney or consultant–to assist complete forms or guide on petition?

It is not mandatory to have an agent. It is a fact that many aspirants do hire a professional consultant. Still, in case you appoint someone, your petition will not get any special consideration, or be handled in a different manner from other petitions.

Who to take in in the petition?

It is compulsory to include your other half and every dependent kid in your application. It is mandatory for your significant other and other dependent family members, 18 years of age or above, to duly complete these two forms, namely, the IMM 5406 & the IMM 0008.

What about those dependents who are not escorting to Canada?

It is compulsory to include every dependent, whether they escort you to Canada or not, in Part A of your IMM 0008 application form. In case they happen to be 18 years of age or above, it is mandatory that they complete their own IMM 0008 and IMM 5406 petition forms–whether they are escorting you to the Maple Leaf Country or not.

Do the aspirants, who have relatives in Manitoba, have an edge?

Yes, they do! The candidates who or their significant other have a relative in Manitoba, will have a superior possibility of making the cut for the MPNP. The relative must live in the province, have either PR rights or citizenship, and be 18 years or more. Evidence of that association will be needed.

Who reviews the petitions for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme?

The immigration scheme officials at the Manitoba Labour and Immigration duly evaluate every petition even as each single petition is reviewed by not less than two scheme authorities.

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