Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business—A Passing Look

Most business professionals are continuously on a look out for a better opportunity to invest and start afresh. If you are one such person, then you may not have to worry anymore. Manitoba, a beautiful Canadian province, proffers endless opportunities to ambitious business professionals like you.

Business professionals who wish to start their business in Manitoba may apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business (MPNP-B). Eligible applicants may easily obtain the Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).  The province is ideal for those who wish to invest abroad, and are looking for a peaceful place to settle with family.

Coming back to the programme, it was introduced with the aim of attracting successful business applicants with a keen interest either to start a new business venture, partner in an exiting venture or simply buy farms. To streamline the application process, the province nominates business professionals with the ability to successfully settle in the province and contribute towards the growth of its economy.

Manitoba Government and the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) collective share the responsibility of selecting eligible business applicants who wish to immigrate to the province through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business.

With more than a million people the province, is multi-cultural and has a lot to offer to migrants. The province is dynamic and lively and assures a good return on your investments.

To simplify the immigration process, lately the ‘Expression of Interest (EoI)’ was introduced. It is an online system used by the candidates to express as to why they wish to live and work in Manitoba. To become eligible, each candidate creates an online profile and is ranked against other candidates in the Express Entry Pool on the basis of the Adaptability Assessment Matrix (AAM). Candidates with high points receive an invitation to apply for the PR.

Nominated candidates must submit a good faith deposit which is approximately CDN $100,000. Once the applicant has successfully met with the terms and conditions of the deposit agreement, the good faith deposit will be refunded with zero interest rate.

The MPNP-B nominates only those candidates with the clear intention of investing in the provinces and wishes to make Manitoba their second home.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme for Business–Basic Requirements

  • Candidate has legally obtained net worth of CAD$350,000
  • He agrees to make an investment of CAD$150,000 in tangible assets, such as furniture, computers, machinery, vehicles and buildings. Personal investment is not considered as a business investment.
  • He must have scored minimum sixty scores in the AAM.
  • He must have an experience of three years of managing a business or might have owned the venture individually or have worked for three years at the executive level.

If you have visited the Manitoba province at least once six months, prior to submitting your visa application, you are likely to be granted some extra points.

Besides, the MPNP-B expects the candidates to give commitment to actively manage the proposed business. In case the applicant refuses to give the commitment, the investment is regarded as passive investment, and is not considered eligible to apply for MPNP-B. Chances are his application will be terminated.

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